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This isn't just about having a successful business;  
                                         it's about creating a life that makes your heart soar

Fusion Business Coaching
     Excusively For Women Business Owners                    

The Fusion Coaching Journey
What Is It? 
Let's get your Business and Mindset maximized for success in the next 90 days!

Fusion Business Coaching is a new and groundbreaking method that treats every woman as a diverse and multi-facted individual.  It takes its origins from the holistic approach to healing and recognizes that your success is not limited strictly to the understanding of business. That is just one component.

For many women, there is an inner component that is just as responsible, or maybe even more responsible, for the level of success.

Imposter syndrome, fear of failure (and success and rejection and being vulnerable ...) creeps in and is a roadblock to taking the actions necessary to be truly successful.

Addressing all aspects of self is crucial in the ability to bravely take the actions necessary for your business to thrive.  If your fears prevent you from going live on social media,  proudly and confidently declare your abilities to your ideal audience,  keep you stuck in a cycle of starting and stopping or make you feel anything less than the powerful business woman you are, this is due to your current mindset.

Your heart is calling you towards the business you desire.  If your heart is calling then it is meant to be and you must follow the path.  But getting there takes time, perseverance, strength, knowledge, courage and guidance.  It's a process and a journey.

Integrating the understanding of business fundamentals with a business mindset and healing energy is the next level of business coaching.  The future of business coaching is here NOW.


MagnetizeYour Business Now
Fusion Business Coach Debbie Peters

The Good Stuff Explained

Your Powerful
Business Foundation


Establishing a thriving business doesn't just happen. It's a dynamic blend of key elements thoughtfully and carefully designed to create success. Imagine seamlessly attracting customers, not just for today but for a loyal tomorrow. Envision a reputation so revered that it becomes the heartbeat of your brand.  Magnetizing your audience transcends the mere act of sales;  it establishes a long lasting impact on your business.
Your audience faces challenges. You have the solution. They are in pain. You can alleviate it  
This special relationship is the foundation of the essential business principles necessary in every online business.

Magnetize Your Business
From Invisible to Irresistible

Crafting a magnetic message and offering is an important key to building a strong online presence.  When you are aligned with your ideal client you create an attractive force that has clients saying "YES". They will be riveted by your offer.   
What does it mean to magnetize your business?  Essentially, it is to speak their language, let them know you understand their pain and offer them clear and powerful solutions they can envision working for them.  
They must know you get them.  They must feel you can help them.  
If you are not able to convey a solution that is the answer to your client's problem, your business will not stand out in a crowded online marketplace. 
When your clients are happy and you are thriving, it is the ultimate satisfaction in business.  

Elevate Your Mindset  Skyrocket Your 


Success begins with the mind. Reframing fears, self-doubts, and anxieties is the key to unlocking untapped potential you never knew existed.  When you welcome new ideas and possibilities into your world, the results can be life-changing. Challenges will become stepping stones, setbacks will become valuable lessons, fears will become a resource, doubts will evolve into determination, and anxieties will shape a path towards resilience. Conquering your fears propels you beyond limits. Business success thrives which can bring about limitless possibilities. Embrace fresh ideas, beliefs, and novel approaches.  
See how they will propel you towards success and joy beyond your expectations.

Energizing Success
Serenity Energy Healing

The transformative impact of energy healing can only be described as powerful.  It has a great ability to bring balance into your life, both personally and professionally.   It can increase peace of mind, alleviate stress and anxiety, improve your decision-making and problem solving skills and so much more.   
Despite its mystical aura, energy healing is accessible to everyone. It takes a holistic approach by addressing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul .
When you are feeling balanced, this is when you flourish.  
It is the cornerstone to creating a business you love and a  life you cherish.  

Is Fusion Business Coaching For You?


Who can benefit from this program?
  • Female business owners who are just starting out and have not created a business yet.  
  • Female business owners who have had their business' running for some time but have not seen the kind of success they have been hoping for.
  • Female business owners who feel lost on what steps to take to create a business that is magnetizing to their audience.
  • Female business owners who want to understand more about their business and the business mindset.
  • Female business owners who need guidance with the following:
          • What their specific niche is 
          • What their unique advantage is 
          • Who is their ideal audience
          • What the top 3 problems are for their ideal audience
          • What the language (words) are of their ideal audience is
          • How to create a business model that works with you and your lifestyle
          • How to stay focused, stop chasing the next shiny obect and engage in highly productive work instead of busy work
          • Creating short and long-term goals with actionable items
          • What to offer, pricing the offer and selling the offer
          • How to shift your perceived weakesses to strengths
          • Help with Imposter Syndrome and The One More Thing Syndrome
          • How to separate your business emotions from your personal emotions
          • Help with transforming your fears:
            • Fear of success
            • Fear of making the wrong decision
            • Fear of failure
            • Fear of rejection
            • Fear of what others will say or think
            • Fear of clients not achieving goals
            • Fear of financial issues
            • Fear of being seen
            • And Much More....  

Here's A Preview of What
You Can Expect
This is not a one size fits all coaching program.

Each of you is unique and will receive a fully customized program designed to meet YOUR needs as we move through the 90 days.

The Basics:
  • Weekly 50 minute coaching sessions 
  • Weekly Business Content with Assignments
  • Mindset Content as Needed with Assignments
  • Energy Healing - TBD by you
  • Weekly action assignments 
  • Review of weekly assignments
  • A well-defined and personalized goal plan
  • Email support between sessions
  • Before and after business and lifestyle assessments (Understand your progress with these tangible results)

 I Am So Happy You Are Here!

Hi!  I'm Debbie. I help female business owners create a successful online business that effortlessly attracts their ideal clients.  

I am just like you.For years, I struggled with not knowing how to create a successful online business.  In reflecting on my business journey, I would say that  more than any other factor it was my mindset that kept me stuck. Constantly doubting my readiness, fears of being seen and worrying about how I would be received and perceived by others.  It was disappointing, frustrating and downright heartbreaking.  
I thought I was doing everything "right".  I spent day after day, hour after hour and still had nothing to show for it.  Can you relate?

The biggest game changer for me was healing my internal struggles that prevented me from stepping out and feeling confident enough to take whatever actions were necessary to develop my business.

It didn't happen overnight but it happened.  And I was finally able to put all of the pieces together.  The business know-how, the empowered mindset and the emotional healing I received literally changed my life, both personally and professionally.  I want that for you. 

Why do I only serve women if my work is so powerful?  

I know how much you women do in your day to day lives.  I know how hard it can be to wear so many hats and feel like you are always coming up short.  When financial burdens are reduced and success is achieved, there are more opportunties for you to live the lifestyle you dream of. 

It is such a priviledge for me to help women fulfill their business goals and dreams and I never take this for granted.  To every woman who allows me to take this journey with you:

  "THANK YOU".  

Still Unsure or Have Questions?

You can book a zoom appointment with my calendar or email me directly with any questions you have.


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